A Few Thoughts.

No blog this Sunday. I’ll be back next week. In the mead time, you can visit the Son-Day Post’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/theson-dayposts. If that doesn’t work, go to your Facebook page and type theson-dayposts into the search block.

I do have a few thoughts on one point: We, the creation, are not greater than our creator. Many people seem to think that as Christians we deserve to prosper and become well off, or that we’re better than others. I said last week that God Himself came into the physical world to set an example for us, to show us how to live. A main component of the true Christian life is humility. Jesus was not particularly good looking. In fact He was not at all attractive. He was born in a barn to His mother and step-father who were of average means. He trained as a carpenter, but spent the last thee years of His life as a homeless vagabond evangelist. He was hated by the leaders if His church and the government, falsely accused and He died a criminal’s death on the cross. And we think we deserve more than that from Him?

True, God has given some people riches. David became king. Solomon became the richest man in the world, only to realize that all worldly gain is vanity. You need not sell all your possessions and wander the streets with your Bible. But when you do see a homeless person, realize that but for the grace of God go you. God has a plan for you. you are unique. No other person on earth can fulfill your God-given purpose as well as you can. If you don’t know what that plan is, prayerfully seek God’s guidance in finding out what His plan is for you. It probably won’t be what you’d like to do, but you’re the best person in the world to do it. Seeking His guidance in finding out what that job is, is a perfect way to start 2019.

I’m praying that you have a grace-filled Christmas and a blessed new year. I’ll see you here next week.

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