A State of the Blog Post

This is the start of 2020, a new year, a new decade, and one-fifth, 20 percent, of this century is gone already. I think it’s a good idea to let my loyal readers know what’s going on with the blog, and why it doesn’t look any better than it does. New readers will also have a better understanding of the blog and where it’s going.

Problems do exist with the blog, and I’ll address some of them here. Readers may have suggestions that I haven’t seen yet. The reason for that is below. I am going to address the problems shortly, hopefully by the end of February. Some will be corrected by the end of January.

THE COMMENTS SECTION: As of this morning I have over 183,000 comments not counting the thousands I’ve deleted. About 96 percent of the comments are spam. They’re the same message every week and often several times a week. They have a wonderful glowing comment about the blog, but the email address is something like “Joe @ buy your shoes from me dot com” or “Sally @ big sale on custom t-shirts dot com”. I spend hours every week deleting these spam comments and seldom find a legitimate one. I installed Go Daddy’s free spam filter, but it doesn’t seem to slow down the tidal wave of spam. I need to install one of those “I am not a robot” scripts, but I don’t know how to write one, and I don’t have the money to buy one. I’ll install one as soon as I can find the money for it. Hopefully, that will reduce the spam to manageable levels and I’ll be able to answer legitimate comments.

BLOG APPEARANCE: The pages need work. I’m going to try doing a lot of this myself this week. A generic Word Press cityscape photo persists despite my efforts to remove it. I’m going to try removing it or replacing it with another photo. The static pages need work, and some aren’t built yet. Social media icons are absent because I haven’t been able to figure out how to get them to work. Word press isn’t as user-friendly as it claims to be. For now, the Facebook link is Facebook.com and type in The Son-Day Posts. I’ll add a button for Facebook and Twitter as soon as I can. I’ve been using my personal Twitter page until now, but a dedicated Twitter page will be up today. Also, A YouTube channel is in the works. I’ll have to figure out what other social media my readers would like to see The Son-Day Posts on and work on that.

FREE FOR ALL: I promised when I started The Posts that I would not allow advertising to clutter up the blog, and all information on the blog will be free for everyone. I will never have a paid membership or have fees for anything. Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give”, and so it is here. A problem exists in that I’m retired and living on a small SSI check and food stamps, which keep getting cut back. I have very little money to put toward paying for help with building the blog or adding features. I’ll be adding a donate button, starting a crowdfunding campaign on GiveSendGo, and I’ll add a post office box address for donations soon. The Posts is not a nonprofit entity, so any donations are not tax deductible. If you like the blog and it has been helpful to you I would appreciate any donation you may feel led to send. Any amount, even a dollar or two, would be appreciated. The money will go toward making the blog better.

MEDIA ADDITIONS: I do have on older Nikon camera that will shoot reasonable video, and I’ve subscribed to Adobe Premiere Rush for video editing . I don’t quite have the hang of video yet, but I’m practicing with it. A better mic is needed for audio quality. I’ll be using more photographs here and adding videos as well. I’ve put up a few photos before, and I’ll add more in the future. One thing that’s coming is a series of testimonies from people for whom the Lord has done amazing things and worked tremendous changes in their lives. Photos, videos, and a YouTube channel are coming.

THE SON-DAY POSTS is going to be a full-time job for me starting this week. Before, I just spent whatever time I could working on the blog. Now it is my main priority. I hope you all will be patient with me while I work things out. I’ll be responding to comments as soon as I can find them in the pile of trash. You new readers please hang on a while. And to loyal followers, I sincerely appreciate your choosing content over form. Things are going to get better. Thank you for sticking with me.

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