A Tribute to Mothers

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day in 1905, and it was first celebrated at the St. Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, in 1908 which is the year Anna Jarvis died. The U.S. Congress denied making the holiday official in 1911, but within several years all states held celebrations and a few made Mother’s Day an official state holiday.

Great grandmothers are mothers too.

Mothers are often mentioned in the Bible. Eve was the first mother of course, though Genesis talks around the issue of Eve’s motherhood. The most prominent mother in the Bible is Mary the mother of Jesus. It’s important that she came from the royal line of King David. Joseph was also from David’s line, but not the royal family tree. It’s not important because he was Jesus’ step father, not the actual father of Jesus Christ. He fades out of the biblical narrative quickly. Some pastors think he “must have died” because he isn’t mentioned after Jesus was “lost”, and then found in the temple. That’s a dangerous assumption because it’s unfounded speculation. A more probable explanation is that Joseph isn’t mentioned after Jesus was found speaking in the temple because he isn’t important after that point. He’s not relevant to the development of God’s plan for His creation, mankind, returning to Him. But His Mother is mentioned throughout the gospels from beginning to end, having a collateral role in the development of God’s plan for out salvation.

Mothers are very important in the development of children into responsible adults.

Mothers are fundamental in family life and crucial to the proper development of children. That is why, I think, that most grade school teachers are women. Children have a natural bond with their mother and some of this is transferred to teachers. Being a mother is the most important job in the world. The second most important job is teaching, especially at the grade school level. Jesus’ Great Commandment to us to “Go teach in all the world”( Matthew 28:19,20) starts with the Christian mother. Even when children are too young to understand the concept of salvation they pick up the fundamentals from the behavior of their mother and how she treats them. This is true of fathers also, but more so the mother.

This grandmother is also a grade school teacher

The importance of instilling Christian principles in children early in life cannot be over stressed. Psychologists tell us that the time from birth to age three is the most important learning time for children. And, this is the time when mothers play the dominant role in children’s character development. Jesus said that if a child is brought up in the way he or she should go when the child is older the person will not depart from the early training.

Teachers with children and grand children who are also teachers hold the two most important jobs in the world.

So this Mother’s Day let’s give special attention to our mothers. They are special people who are very important to all of us.

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