Welcome to the Son-Day Posts

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The purpose of The Son-Day Posts is to provide relevant, timely and thought-provoking insights on how God's word can lend relevance and value to your life in today's society.  It will challenge your core values.  It will challenge your world view.  It will create some cognitive dissonance and it may cause you to lose some sleep.


Consider carefully what is offered here.  The blogs will be based on

  1. Who wrote the Bible verses used in the essays
  2. To whom they were written
  3. Why they were written
  4. The context in which the passages were written
  5. The meanings of the key words and expressions in their original Hebrew and Greek, and any relation to the customs of the times
  6. How the references passages fit the rest of the Bible as a whole
  7. Only the Bible will be used as a foundation for the blogs.  No feel-good pop psychology or new-age philosophy here

If something is missing from your life, or you feel that your existence has no purpose or meaning,  you will find answers here.  I pray that this blog will provide significance, value and meaning to your life.

-R. H. Miller