About Us


Our Approach

The purpose of The Son-Day Posts is to provide relevant, timely and thought-provoking insights on how God's word can lend significance and value to your life.  It will challenge your core values.  It will challenge your world view.  It will create some cognitive dissonance and it may cause you to lose some sleep.  Consider carefully what is offered here.  The articles are based on:

  1. Only the Bible as a source.  No pop feel-good psychology here
  2. Who wrote the Bible verses used in the essays
  3. To whom they were written
  4. The context in which they were written
  5. Why they were written
  6. The meaning of key words and phrases in the original Hebrew or Greek
  7. How the referenced passages fit with the Bible as a whole

If something is missing from your life, or you feel no direction in your life, I pray that you will find answers here.


Our Story

I have been through most of the trials and tribulations that my readers are going through today.  With the help of Christ I worked through them and came out whole on the other side.  Working through problems isn't easy,  and finding direction, meaning, significance and value for your life isn't easy, especially today with all the conflicting influences from friends and the media.  ZI started this blog to make your journey through this world easier and better.  And, more importantly, help you avoid many of the pitfalls I fell into.

Next Steps...

Spend time to consider the information provided here, actively try  to apply  the principles to your life, and let me know how well you are doing.  I'll answer as many questions as I can as soon as I can,  and I am constantly praying for my friends here.