National Unity

The United Sates is suffering from several calamities at this time. The pandemic is one, the forest fires are another, and a record number of storms are pounding the Southeastern states. This amount of natural disaster hasn’t plagued this nation in it’s history. And, it’s not getting much better. The weather is cooling off as Fall starts, and now we may well have another round of COVID-19 and the flu on top of that. Many health professionals are urging people to get flu shots now.

On top of the natural plagues, the US is becoming divided into two major camps, and a few minor ones, President Trump is perhaps the biggest instigator of this division. Anything that goes wrong in his administration, or that he dislikes, he blames on the Democrats. And the Republicans and Democrats are circling their wagons. National politics in this country is turning into a TV reality show with the two parties concerned only with winning each issue that’s addressed, rather that working together to find a consensus that will be in the best interest of the nation as a whole.

The people are becoming divided also, not only against the government but each other. The number of racial issues with police misconduct across the nation is a valid issue, but the public response is out of line, with calls for the defunding of the police a prime example of the irrationality of the response. If anything, more funding of law enforcement is necessary, but allocated for training and supervision to see that these illegal and unconstitutional abuses of power don’t continue.

The amount of time the demonstrations have continued is unusual, and not only in the US but other countries as well. Rioting in Portland continued well beyond what would be expected. I posted photos of a racial violence demonstration by University of New Mexico students this last week. I received negative comments on my posts. One comment on Facebook was from my former pastor in another state. But I had several reasons for posting the photos.

The primary reason was that the students managed the demonstration in a responsible manor. There was no violence, and no abusive acts or language was seen or heard. Everyone wore a mask, and social distancing was observed for the most part. The one exception was when the students blocked Central Avenue and Cornell for about five minutes. They did let city buses through. The focus was mostly on the killing of Breonna Taylor. That should not have happened. The black community and others believe her death was racially motivated, but it may not have been so.

I read everything I could find on the incident and watched news converage on several stations. Breonna’s death was most likely resulted from a high degree of police ineptitude. They got a no knock search warrant for the wrong apartment, or went to the wrong one. And, they did not announce who they were after breaking in the door. This caused Breonna’s boyfriend to fire a shot at them in self defense, hitting one officer in the leg. Police fired back, missing the boyfriend completely but killing Breonna. And many rounds, seven I think, entering another apartment. That could have injured or killed more citizens who had nothing to do with the raid. Not only did they raid the wrong apartment, but they endangered uninvolved people. No drugs or other contraband was found. Police performance was totally unacceptable.

A racial motivation is apparent in many cases in which a suspect was killed or injured. The suspects were resisting police, which they should not have done. However, when two officers have a hold on an unarmed suspect there is no legitimate reason for shooting him in the back seven times. He should not have been shot at all. If shooting in such a situation is called for, it is not necessary to fire so man times. FBI tests prove that the handgun ammunition used by police has a 98 percent one shot stop rate. And, lethal force may be used only in a case where there is the immediate possibility of grave bodily harm or death of an officer or citizen. The multiple shots fired by officers in cases across the country points to inadequate training of officers, who then feel they cannot handle situations, so they over react.

So, while there are clear racial overtones to these incidents, other factors also play a part. Engineer R. Buckmiester Fuller noted that monological thinking seeks single answers, and there are none. Every act has multiple causes. All the reasons for these incidents need to be addressed or similar acts will continue to occur. And abolishing the “system” or defunding the police are not answers. They world lead to anarchy, not peace.

Some protesters are clearly participating out of anger and frustration over issues not related to race. One UNM student carried a sign saying ” House the homeless, eat the rich”. This shows the envy of those richer than her.

I saw a similar sign at the Student Strike for Climate Change earlier this year. Vegans eating meat is a contradiction, of course, but it points to the division of the people over a variety of issues, some of which are unfounded and illogical.

I’m going to back into a statement, because I don’t have any solid evidence to support it. But there is a circumstantial possibility that doesn’t quite reach the level of probability, that the demonstrations in Portland and elsewhere were instigated by an outside influence. They instigators were noticed in Albuquerque, and I’ sure they were seen in Portland as well. It’s been established that the Russians and Chinese are trying to influence the coming presidential election. They may be trying to further divide the people as well. A divided people is easy to conquer.

President trump seems to be using the civil unrest to further his goals of extending federal power over the states. That is his motivation behind Operation Legend, a name that fits with his egomania. And, when the rioting in Portland started to die out, a pink bus of his women supporters showed up to fan the flames. He claims that if Biden is elected law and order will go out the window. That makes no sense since the high level of crime and civil unrest has occurred on his watch.

The only solution to the ills befalling the United States at this time is for the country to return to being one nation under God as originally intended. The natural disasters are part of God’s chastising this country for its falling away form Him. And, the unity of our country will happen only under God’s control. The Bible says we are to live together in unity ( Psalm 133:1), which will happen only with the unity of the people in the Spirit of God and the unity of faith in Christ (Ephesians 4:3, 13). The Hebrew word for unity in the Psalm means a unit, together as a whole. The Greek words in Ephesians mean to join, become united and oneness, unity. This will happen only under the direct leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The Old Testament is filled with references to God’s chastising His people, and then healing their nation when they repent and return to Him. God spoke of smiting Egypt, then healing them when they returned to Him (Isaiah 19:22), that backsliders need to return to Him (Jer. 3:22; 18:8, 10; 23:25). This country was founded on Christian principles by people who came the the New World for religions freedom. “In God We Trust” is still on our money.

But trust in God is not in our hearts. We no longer believe in that slogan. But trusting in Christ is the only way our country will be great again. Nothing President Trump can do will make it great. In fact, just the opposite is true. The United States has fallen lower in world influence and national harmony in the past four years than it has for decades past.

There is a warning here. I am not saying we should become a theocracy, only that we as a people and a nation need to follow biblical principles in order to return to greatness. The problem with theocracies is that they become controlled by leaders who are not controlled by the Holy Spirit. Abuses abound in such pseudo theocracies. The state of Utah is such a pseudo theocracy. It was founded by the Mormons, which is a cult, not a Christian denomination, and abuses abound in that state. But that’s another blog. It’s enough to say here that our founders wrote in the First Amendment to the Constitution that a Government-sanctioned religion is prohibited. And by extension, a religion-founded government like Utah’s is also prohibited.

God promises that if His people who are called by His name will repent of their sin and again be united under the direction of the Holy Spirit, He will stop His punishing of that nation and heal its ills. It’s past time for the United States to return to following the direction of the Holy Spirit. If not, the rift between different faction of society and the people between the people and government will become worse. And if that happens, we could wake up one morning and find the US under Soviet, Chinese, or Muslim control.

God has a history of allowing His people to become enslaved to other countries until they repent. The historical books of the Bible are loaded with accounts of this happening. Like our money says, we were “One nation, under God”. That isn’t true any more. Let’s start today by letting our elected leaders know we expect them to heed the direction of the Spirit so this nation will become great again. They can’t do that on their own. Write or email your congress persons and senators on both state and national levels and let them know that as a Christian you expect them to follow biblical principles in governing. With your influencing our leaders the natural disasters and civil unrest can stop. So start doing your part today.

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