Opening Up the Economy

This week’s blog is short, because even though the Internet is back on in my apartment complex, the router is unstable and suffers from frequent disruptions of service. This happened last week and the last two paragraphs of the blog didn’t post. Then service went out altogether.

Much of the US and Europe is opening up from the lock down. Too soon for safety, I think. However, there are economic factors to consider. The economy cannot remain shut down for much longer. Already some large department stores that were suffering financially before the pandemic have now filed for bankruptcy. And, many small local businesses have new signs in the windows saying they are now permanently closed because they simply do not have savings to keep leases, utilities, and other on-going expenses paid.

The national and local governments must therefore start opening the economy to some extent or the economies of US and European countries will collapse. How much to open, and how to open, are the main questions. And, both depend on the People to make the opening work. Many citizens are not cooperating. The US state of New Mexico is opening to a limited extent, but citizens are now required to wear a face mask while in public. Many people are not complying with this order. If the orders are not followed the virus will come back worse than before.

It is up to Christians to set the example. We must follow the guidelines set by the governments and we must urge or friends and relatives to follow the guidelines also. Governments are instituted by God, and it is our responsibility to follow their direction even if we don’t like the orders. Personally, I am still staying home as much as possible, and I do a lot of my shopping online. I have a person in my apartment complex who picks up my laundry and brings it back for about the same cost as I’d spend in quarters at the laundromat. I do go to the grocery store and pharmacy because I can’t afford the delivery cost, and phone-in orders are almost never filled correctly. Also, I cannot compare prices between brands. I do go out for exercise and to visit one person. But that’s about all.

How much you follow the relaxed guidelines is up to you. You may need to work so that rent and other bills can be paid and your family will have groceries. And psychologically and emotionally, people can stay cooped up at home for only so long before they get “cabin fever”, the term used for not being able to stay confined to one place. I urge my readers to set good examples for others and to react rationally to the opening up of the world’s economies. Christians can help see that whatever negative consequences occur from the increased interaction of people in public will be minimal. I don’t like staying home as much as I do, but it beats possibly dying from Covid-19. It’s a matter of priorities. I, for one, prefer to stay healthy.

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