Staying Safe

CORRECTION: Before I start this week, I need to make a correction as to the date the King James Bible was released. It was released in 1611, not in the 1400s as I incorrectly stated last week. Don’t ask me why I wrote that because I don’t know. I know better! A thank you to the readers who brought this to my attention.

This week I’d like to encourage everyone to stay home on Sundays and not attend church. Attendance in church is important because worshiping and praying with others is important, but it’s not as important as staying safe. The CDC said wearing masks in public wouldn’t keep you safe, but now they’re encouraging everyone to do so. The virus can be spread by inhaling, and the virus can live in the air for four to six hours, depending on which news report is correct. So, wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, the CDC has also said not to touch your face in public because the virus can also enter through the eyes. It occurred to me yesterday that because the virus lives suspended in the air for several hours, it can also settle out on and in eyes and enter the body that way. A mask isn’t complete protection.

So, short of wearing a bio-hazard suit in public, there is no complete protection. Therefore, the best way to avoid contracting the Coronavirus is to avoid coming into close proximity with other people. That means staying home and not going to church. A pastor was arrested last week for encouraging his congregation to attend services. He was acting irresponsibly in doing so, because of the extreme risk of so many people being in such close proximity to one another. I suggest my readers attend church on TV-to include resurrection Sunday (Easter) services. In Albuquerque, the Calvary Church has services on TV. And nationally, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has broadcasts, as does Charles Stanley of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta. I suggest watching at least one of those broadcasts or others. Two or more is better! It’s 4:25 AM here now. I’ll have a list of good service programs on Facebook by 6:00 AM Mountain time today. That’s 8:00 AM Eastern, 7:00 AM Central, and 5:00 AM Pacific time. Check www.facebook.com/theson-dayposts for the list.

I’ve seen Facebook posts that claim Christians cannot and will not catch the virus because God will protect them. That’s not true because relying on God to protect you is testing God, which He prohibits us from doing. Jesus said, “You shall not tempt the Lord your God” (Matthew 4:7; Deuteronomy 6:16). Jesus was replying to the devil’s challenge to Christ to throw Himself off a high place because God would protect Him from harm. Likewise, deliberately going to church and expecting God to protect you from COVID-19 is tempting God. It’s outside of His will for us and outside of His instructions to us, so there is no guaranteed protection. Stay home and attend services on TV or perhaps live streaming on YouTube, if they are available there.

That’s it for today. I’m working on a longer, more complicated blog for Resurrection Sonday, as I call it. It calls for careful writing, because it needs explaining carefully so that everyone can follow it. Knowing something, and plainly explaining it to others are two different things. I remember when I was in high school my math teacher was trying to explain algebra to me. He said that in a particular equation I should assume X=3. I said, “Well, I could assume it equals anything, right”? He said no, I had to assume it equals 3. When I asked why he said because 3 was the only number that would work there. “Aha! Now we’re getting someplace,” I thought. I asked how he knew that 3 was the only number that world work. He answered, “Because you assume it.” Good grief! I said, “Well, X is unknown, and the answer is unknown, so why not just assume the answer and be done with the miserable problem?” For the sake of brevity, I still don’t know why X=3. My teacher knew why, but he couldn’t communicate the reason to me. I passed Algebra with a D- grade, mostly I think that was because he didn’t want to see me in his class again the next year. I need to do a good job of explaining next week.

So stay safe! Stay home and attend services on TV. E-mail friends, all on the phone, use Skype or messaging on Facebook. I’m praying that all of my readers remain well through the pandemic. I’ll see all of you here next week.

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