The Christian Position to the Pandemic

My birthday is this month, an in over seven decades I’ve not seen a crisis like the COVID pandemic. And what’s worse, the people of the US and some other countries are actively spreading the virus. We have a President who is actively promoting a position on the virus that is going to kill a lot of people. His political rally and White House lawn party where most attendees did not wear masks or practice social distancing were irresponsible.

The people of this country are reacting in kind by crowding beaches, restaurants and night clubs without wearing masks. Florida and California are now epicenters for the virus due mostly to the irresponsible behavior of the states’ citizens. And, it’s going to get worse if the citizens of the world don’t actively fight the virus. Even in US states that require masks to be worn some people aren’t doing so, or they are wearing them under their chins or with their nose exposed which defeat the purpose of wearing the mask.

Several reasons exist for these counter-productive actions. First, people are fed up with staying home. So am I, but I stay home much more than I ever have. And, the way the second wave of infection is starting, I’m going to stay home a lot more. Americans are not patient people in general. Instant gratification is king. Tax refund companies capitalize on this in ads like, “It’s my money and I want it now”. But there is a price. The company keeps a significant percentage of your tax refund money. They pay for their impatience. And the people of the world will pay for their impatience during the crisis through the unnecessary deaths of thousands of others, themselves or family members.

Another reason for the public’s irresponsible behavior is the denial that a problem exists. It’s what my father called the ostrich syndrome; stick your head in the sand and pretend that the big bad wolf isn’t planning to have you for dinner doesn’t work. The wolf is still insisting that you honor his invitation. And, denying that the pandemic is a problem is going to make thousands of people sick and kill many of them.

The root cause of this denial is fear, which will be the topic of next week’s blog. The Christian perspective on COVID-19 is that you don’t have anything to fear except yourself. That may sound illogical, but it will be explained in detail next week. If you are a true Christian then God is going to care for you until such time as you have completed the mission He put you on earth to complete. That does not mean you are going to ride off into the sunset John Wayne-style and live happily ever after. Jesus tells us that in the world we will have problems, but to be of good cheer, He has overcome the world, and through Him we also overcome the world. Problems like the pandemic give the Christian the opportunity to display God’s power to non-Christians.

This time in history gives Christians an unprecedented opportunity to advance His kingdom in the world today. And, the first step is to set an example for others. Patiently follow safe procedures like physical distancing and by wearing a mask. Stay home when you can, But also explain the gospel (good news) that Christians have nothing to fear from the virus except their own attitude. Fear is anti-Christian. Christians do contract the virus, and some die as a result. But Paul tells us that to live is Christ and to die is gain. It’s not whether or not you become sick, it’s how you conduct yourself no matter how the pandemic effects you. More is coming next week on this. The pandemic makes our witnessing all the more important. And, the best witness we have to others is our own actions. So, lets start using the disease to further His kingdom on earth, and start right now.

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