Toxic society, Part Two

Last week’s blog explained why our society is toxic. Toxic is defined as “Relating to or being caused by a poison”, or “being infected by a poison”. A toxin is a substance that is a product of metabolic activities of an organism and is usually very unstable (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary ). A cultural toxin then is an activity or action, or a group of activities or actions, that negatively affects the well being of a society. A societal toxin is anything that disrupts the administration of a society and negatively affects the well being of a society’s members. The grand central question, then, is how best to manage society so that it grows and flourishes.

God set forth a blueprint of how to live in harmony and prosper in a society in His laws, and summed up the law in the Ten Commandments. Christ later condensed the law and Ten Commandments into The Great Commandment to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and the administration of His commandment in the Great Commission to “Go unto all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: And I am with you always, even to the ends of the earth” (Matthew 28:19-20). Very simply, if a society follows God’s commandments, that society will live in harmony and prosper. If it doesn’t, it’s in for a world of trouble (pun intended).

God used Sodom and Gomorrah as an example to other and future nations as to what will happen to them if they become totally corrupt ( 2 Peter 2:6). And, Paul tells us that except that God left them a seed of righteous people, the Jews should have been erased from the earth (Romans 9:29). God’s wrath is tempered with mercy, which never fails (Lamentations 3:22). The reason why God hasn’t destroyed the US or allowed other nations to dominate us is because, unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, there still are true Christians in the United States. But He is obviously displeased with us, as can be seen in the massive volume of volcanic eruptions, forest fires, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes plaguing our country today. We will continue to experience such tragedies and our enemies will continue to gain stronger footholds against us until we as a nation return to God.

The problem with the crime rate in the US today, and this society’s other ills, originate in our failure to live by how God wants us to live. We are our own toxin, infecting our society with the deadly virus of humanism, of rebellion against God. We have denied the reality of God, the Creator of the universe and our Creator. Healing our society begins with healing individuals, one person at a time until all of society is back on track with God. Living the Great Commission will lead to our society’s living the Great Commandment. And this return starts with you.

I know. You’re asking how one person can make any difference in society. How can one “candle in the wind” shed enough light so that others can follow it through the storm to safety. The answer is in two parts. First, you are not alone. there are other candle-bearing Christians who will be doing the same thing. And, when, with God’s guidance and help, you lead two people to Christ, and those two lead two or more to Christ, soon the preponderance of people in our country will be true Christians. It’s astounding how quickly that number multiplies. Sit down with a calculator and figure it out. It’ll amaze you.

Second, you are in Christ, and it’s His light that shines out from within you. And His power is infinite. For example, one man was led to start a ministry in Los Angeles, California. In starting he and then others with him would walk around a crime-ridden neighborhood talking to and helping people. The crime rate dropped significantly. The ministry evolved into the Dream Center. When someone in need of help enters the facility, no one asks how they may help the person. They ask, “What is your dream”. The Dream Center now houses people, provides food, clothing and other essentials to individuals and families, and has a drug and alcohol rehab program. In short, it helps people accomplish their dream in life. The Center succeeded because it was God’s plan that it succeed. And, it all started with a handful of people walking around a neighborhood.

What is God’s plan for you? Pray for guidance, and start by setting an example for others. Live as Christ lived. Do for others as He has done for you. Start simply by witnessing to those in your neighborhood, helping the elderly keep their yards free of trash, or cutting their grass for them. Even simple little acts on your part mean a great deal to others because it shows that you care about them, and moe importantly, it shows that God cares about them. And that can make a world of difference. You can make a world of difference through Christ who strengthens you.

Distractions will happen. You and I are often frustrated by people who interfere with our plans. But often those distractions are really our plan, or sub plan, sent to us by God. They are sent to you because He wants you to deal with the “distraction”. In short, distractions are opportunities. I told in an earlier blog how a drug addict who distracted me from my plan for the morning by asking for help was actually contemplating suicide. I didn’t know that until later. Look for God’s plan in seeming annoying distractions.

Be instant in season and out. Be consistent in being an ambassador for Christ, because you never know who is watching you. Children especially watch adults they admire, and they will learn from those adults-from you- what is the right way to live.

You never know who is watching you: Set a Christian example. Photo by author.

These children will pattern their lives after how they see you live. It’s vitally important to them that you set the example God wants you to set. And Jesus warned that it is better that a person have a millstone hung around his neck and be drowned in the sea than to lead a child in sinful ways.

Start transforming our society today. The longest journey starts with the first step. That’s a worn-out saying, but it’s true. Don’t worry about the totality of the job, that’s what Moses was afraid of. Just concentrate on taking that first step now, and then another, and another. But take that step today.

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