Witnessing During the Pandemic

Christ tells us to go forth into all the world and witness to everyone. But that’s not easy to do now since the world is in a semi-lock down state. Some places are worse than others, and some people are in more danger from COVID-19 than other people. People with type A blood seem to have a greater chance of contracting the virus than other people. Elderly persons and those with pre-existing conditions such as damaged lungs from smoking are in danger of dying from the virus. Persons with type O blood are less likely to contract the coronavirus. And, the best defense against the virus is to stay home and not socialize with anyone in person. Wearing masks in public and social distancing help, of course, but the best defense is not coming in contact with other people.

Attending church services is discouraged also, as it brings a large group of people together in close proximity to each other for an hour at least once a week, and perhaps three times a week. Governor Grisham in my state has banned services as nonessential. She has been sued by a megachurch here, but so far the church has lost in court. Personally, I think that it’s irresponsible for pastors to hold services and church functions at the present time. The Constitution gives us freedom of religion, free speech, and the right to assemble peacefully, but the public interest in protecting citizens from the virus takes precedence here. Responsible pastors are televising services and sermons or using public address systems so congregants can sit in their cars in the parking lot and hear the address. Charles Stanley of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Ga., televises his In Touch program on Sundays over many stations across the country and so do many other ministries such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

The individual Christian is at a loss for going out and witnessing. It is extremely dangerous to do so even with masks and gloves. I wear a mask when out, and sunglasses with a ridge across the top that touches my forehead and with side panels as well. The virus floats in the air for several hours. Exactly how long it can survive in air varies with which news broadcast you’re watching. The sunglasses help prevent the virus from settling out on my eyes. For those interested the sunglasses are ones designed to fit over correctional glasses. They should be available at most pharmacies and stores like Walgreens and Walmart, etc. So, how can we reach other people, especially the lost, during the pandemic?

One way is by phone. Even the homeless have free “Obama phones” that also have free service. These are good for reaching people we know, but not for reaching strangers. E-mail is good for reaching people if we have their address, but again it’s not good for reaching strangers.

The best way to reach others for witnessing during the lockdown is through social media. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other media are free to use if you have access to a computer or if you install an app on your phone. I have one Twitter account and three Facebook pages, my personal page, one for The Son-Day Posts, and one for my photography. I’m working on YouTube, but I’m electronically challenged when it comes to understanding computer programs, so getting on YouTube is taking a while. But I’m getting there! I’ll post information here when the channel is running. Also, the icon for posting photos here on this blog is still missing. I’m contacting Godaddy and WordPress this week about getting it back. Hopefully, that problem will be resolved by nest Sunday.

Twitter is easy to operate. Even I can do it, and know two-year-olds that are more electronically savvy than I am. I have spent time reading through pages of evangelists and pastors to find ones that are worth following, so there is solid content on my page. I’ve tried putting a link on this blog, but so far I can’t get it to work. I’m working on that. The same applies to Facebook. The link to The Son-Day Posts Facebook page is www.facebook.com/theson-dayposts, or search for the page.

My suggestion for social media is to develop quality links to follow and to consistently post helpful suggestions as well as witnessing and Christian messages. Make the page or pages of interest to the readers and they’ll stay with you. Photographs and short videos can be posted from your phone. Solid pages like those of Charles Stanley and BGEA can be followed to ad interest to your pages. YouTube is more challenging because a banner and thumbnails have to be made, but they can be made for free. YouTube has videos explaining how to do those things. Don’t worry about how the videos look at first, just get started. Go find YouTube vloggers you like that have huge followings and then watch their first videos. They weren’t so good either, but they kept at it and got better over time.

Social media is a way to “go into all the world” and preach the gospel without it costing you any money. I have Facebook friends and blog readers from Europe, India, Asia and several African countries as well as my home state and city. It’s amazing where technology has gone since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. When I was in grade school Dick Tracy’s wristwatch radio and Captain Midnight’s flat-screen TV that allowed him to see the person calling him on the phone were science fiction. Now they’re realities and a lot more. GPS watches weren’t even in science fiction then. Make the most of technology. Most communications can be done for free with a little thinking about it. Most public libraries have computers and the Internet that can be used by cardholders, but most libraries are close for an indefinite period of time.

Other ways exist if you don”t have electronics, write signs with Bible verses and tape them in windows facing the sidewalk. Put signs in your front yard if you have one (I don’t, but I do have street-facing windows). In short, there are a lot of ways to witness during the pandemic and still be safe. Spend time thinking of ways to witness. You’ll come up with ones I haven’t thought of that work for you. Today is a good time to start. And, it gives you something else you can do while staying safe at home.

NOTE: I may move the posting time for this blog to 9:00
AM mountain time, which is 11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 Central, and 8:00 Pacific time. Getting up at 3:00 AM to have this blog up by 6:00 AM is getting to be a bit of a strain for me. And, I get occasional light episodes of cognitive flatulence at such early hours which leads to silly mistakes in the blog. I do better when I have time for more coffee before I start writing. Maybe I can write the blog and save it on Saturday and just post it on Sunday morning. I’ll see how that goes. Meanwhile, I’m praying that you have success with your world evangelism form home.

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